Hello Everyone,

We have always tried to provide you software at minimum pricing, however last week our agreement with old hosting has expired and we are forced to purchase hosting at higher price.

Our New Hosting price Has Increased Almost 200%. Plus I am constantly investing more and more time in providing you all a better experience with our softwares.

To keep our organization running and provide you with constant support I have decided to keep the increase in the price of APR2 Licences to Bare Minimum. Hope you all continue to support our application.

Here are some new Pricing.

Amount Unlock Files Rate
₹50.00 Unlocks 15 Files ₹3.33 Per Licence
₹100.00 Unlocks 40 Files ₹2.50 Per Licence
₹200.00 Unlocks 100 Files ₹2.00 Per Licence
₹500.00 Unlocks 400 Files ₹1.25 Per Licence
₹1000.00 Unlocks 1000 Files ₹1 Per Licence

Also We Are Exciting to launched a New Affiliates Program where you get 10% Commission for Sharing APR2 Software

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